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Fade In by M. Mabie

Tatum Elliot is a successful writer on a hit television show, lives in an Upper East Side apartment and loves her life. She wouldn’t change a thing. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a choice. She's losing her sight.

Tripping over her tongue and her heels, Tatum all too quickly realizes that the things which appeared so important before are slowly slipping away leaving room for what really matters. With the support of her best friends, family and colleagues, she begins to see that there’s much more to life… and herself.

When Ben Harris enters her life as her new personal assistant, she can’t tell if it’s his good looks and charm that are working on her libido, or his kind and helpful nature working on her heart? Whatever it is, neither one of them can resist it.

As her vision fades out, a world of love and happiness just might…Fade In.

Fade In is a contemporary-romance novel about laughing through your tears and telling life to, quite frankly, “Suck it.” This novel contains sexual situations that the author may or may not have tried at home… for your safety, of course. Research is research.

I only met her briefly on one occasion, but she left a pockmark in my mind.  She was dynamite and she had an indefinitely long fuse that never stopped burning.  Those around her never knew when she would blow up, not looking away because she was a mess who was fun to watch.
I hope she's still like that when my mind drifts back to her through the years that pass by. 
Maybe I should have shared the cab.  Got in with her.  Stayed with her.
I don't know. 
Who ever really knows that it is the first time, the first time you meet?  It's only the first time after there's a second time.  Up until then, it's just an only.  One moment to the next could alter everything.
Every decision pushes you or pulls you where you're going in life. 
At times, after running into her, when I felt like I was pushing every day to do better, to get further, make a bigger difference, and like I was getting nowhere and I was just spinning my tires, I’d think of her.
She pulls life along.  That girl was making life keep up with her.
And that's too special to forget.

Intriguing author’s & their books review:
WOW!! What an incredible read!! The first thing you need to do before reading this book is to prepare yourself for an amazing journey you are about to take along with its characters and have come Kleenex ready.
Tatum is a successful writer for hit TV show, which she works on with her best friend, Winnie. She has a successful, rich, and hot boyfriend and life is going great. Except one thing, she is losing her vision.
Ben comes along at the right time in her life. He enters her life as her personal assistant and helps her with her failing vision. He makes life easier for her and shows her she can still be independent, even if she completely loses her vision.
The chemistry between these two is absolutely amazing, it is smoking hot and just sizzles off the page. Ben helps to push Tatum out of her comfort zone and experience life. It is not all smooth sailing and they bump heads regularly. When things really start to heat and develop between and they take the next step in their relationship, a secret Ben has been keeping might just come back to bite him.
M. Mabie has crafted a wonderful, fast-paced read. It pulls you in from the first paragraph, takes you along for the ride to experience and feel what the characters are feeling, and doesn’t let go till the end. Fade In at times had me frustrated, laughing, teary eyed, laughing some more, frustrated, and teary eyed all over again. This book will take readers on an emotional roller coaster ride that will leave you stunned and a little breathless, wanting to do it all over again. I cannot wait to see what M. Mabie imagines and crafts next for us to read.






M. MabieM. Mabie lives in Illinois, NOT Chicago, with her rock-star husband. (True story.) She loves writing for Fifty5Cents Book Blog, which she owns and operates- at the moment quite poorly. She's a proud member of the Indie Author Romance Author Chicks writing group where she maintains a high standard of professionalism and lady-like maturity- or not. She cares about politics, but won’t discuss them in public. She uses the same fork at every meal, watches Wayne’s World while cleaning, and lets her dog sleep on her head. M. Mabie has never been accused of being tight lipped or shy. She’s THAT girl.
(She doesn't usually speak in third-person, but surprisingly does when weirded-out about writing her bio.)


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