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Breaking Through the Waves (Hawaiian Crush #2) By E.L. Todd

Breaking Through The Waves
(Hawaiian Crush #2)
 Sydney and Coen are ready to take the next step of their relationship. She knows she has to reveal her heartbreaking past to him. While some of it has been revealed, there is still more to the story. Will he stand by her side and help her through the ordeal, or will he turn his back, leaving her to deal with her issues? 

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Intriguing Author's And Their Books Review:
Breaking Through The Waves by E.L. Todd is a wonderful, fast
paced read. It picks up where Connected by the Sea left off. It pulled me in from the first page and kept me turning the pages to see how it would end. The chemistry between Syd and Coen is still smoking hot as in the first book. I love how the relationship between them grew. How they overcame Sydney’s fear together. How she stood up and fought for what she wanted. Sydney did not let her family or even Coen ex- girlfriend bully her. She took a non-confrontational approach when dealing with both, her family and the ex-girlfriend. She did not add violence to the situation. Syd stayed calmed and let them determine how she would respond, but when she needed to defend herself physically she did. Coen was there for her during it all. He supported and stood up for her but didn’t overrule her decisions and feelings. E.L. Todd is an amazing author and has crafted some of the best books I have read. I cannot wait to see where she takes us next.
Connected by the Sea ( Hawaiian Crush #1)
   Sydney is attending University of Hawaii on Oahu where she's majoring in Marine Biology. She loves her friends, her job, and her school. Since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her six months ago, she hasn't moves onto anybody new yet. When Coen catches her eye, she's immediately attracted to him in a very carnal way. She refused to let herself feel that way because he's a heartbreaker just like her ex was. But when she's called to her professor's office because she's asked to tutor someone, she doesn't realize it's Coen. Will he convince her that he really is boyfriend material or will he turn out just as she suspects?
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Connected by the Sea (Hawaiian Crush#3)
While Henry accepts Sydney’s love for Coen, he’s still heartbroken over the loss. If he had just said how he felt to begin with, things could have been different. Now it’s a regret he’ll always have. His home life isn’t perfect either. His sister is lost in her depression, and his brother drowns himself in alcohol. Henry has to stay strong for everyone else. But deep inside, he’s falling apart. Until Ren… Deemed a tomboy by her four brothers, Ren is sexy, cool, and smart. As soon as Henry sets eyes on her, he feels a strong attraction to her. The longer they spend time together, the more Henry falls for her. But there’s one problem. Sydney is still in his heart. Can he move on and pursue a relationship when he feels this way? Will he ever get over Sydney? Will Henry find the happily ever after he deserves?
My journey to this profession was slightly unorthodox. I received my bachelor's degree in biological sciences, worked as an award-winning researcher, and worked various jobs to pay the bills. While I enjoyed every moment of this adventure, it wasn't my passion. I've been writing since I was a young girl and have read anything that I can get my hands on. When people ask me what my favorite book is, I always respond, "All of them."After I showed my work to my closest friends and gained their confidence, I realized that this is something I could commit my life to, something that I love. I never imagined--dreamed--that I could make a living as a writer. This is the greatest profession that I ever could have asked for, and I am so thankful for the support from everyone in my life. How many other jobs let you work in your pajamas? My first novel, Soul Catcher, was released in August 2013, and my second novel, Soul Binders, will be released this fall. The Saga concludes in early 2014. I hope you've enjoyed reading this series as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

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